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Years of metal braces damaged my smile, and past experiences made me apprehensive about going to the dentist. I was always self conscious about showing my teeth. After avoiding dentists for many years and then seeing several I was uncomfortable with, I found Dr Grover. Dr Grover is a very talented dentist. He has done extensive work to save my teeth and make them healthy. His staff is friendly and accommodating. They put me at ease the minute I enter the office. Dr Grover's manner is extremely comforting and caring. He is very patient, even with those that are fearful. Thanks to his precision and compassion, I have regular check-ups and cleanings, and have a bright and confident smile that I am proud to show. --- Nancy K.

I like Dr Grover. He is a nice dentist and takes great care of my teeth. He lets my Mom come in the room with me and always tells me what a good patient I am. He also gives me a prize from the treasure box, some dinosaur flossers, and a new toothbrush when I am done. I get so excited when it is time for me to get my teethed cleaned and see Dr Grover! --- Daniele K. (9 years old) (Dentistry and photography by Dr. Grover)

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